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ACC Call To Serve
To the Residents of Deer Park HOA;
Welcome to 2019 and thank you for the participation in our recently held elections. As a result of those elections, all board positions have been filled by current and new members.
My name is Mark Venditelli and I am the new HOA Board President.  We are in transition phase and as soon as we can get the bugs worked out of our newly designed website- we will be posting more regularly to keep all the homeowners up to date.
The board has been busy collecting all the needed documents needed to transfer. Part of this transfer includes the very important items of our ACC.  As a homeowner, we all want to maintain and occasionally improve the comfort, appearance and value of our homes.
To accomplish this, all residents submit an application for improvements to the ACC for review.  From here the committee applies local, state and development standards that were created and followed from the time community was developed. An active ACC is critical to upholding our community standards, therefore, the board is actively seeking new ACC members.  The current ACC committee has been in place for several years and some of the committee members are no longer homeowners in our community. Being that we now have a new board for the HOA, we feel that it is an appropriate opportunity to bring on new ACC members.   The ACC has done a good job in their roles, but with change comes challenge.
The HOA Board is calling upon all residents of our community to aide in our effort to serve our community by volunteering to be a part of the ACC.  This is a committee of (5) residents that will be tasked with accepting, reviewing and approving applications that are submitted by our fellow neighbors.  This is not a huge time commitment, but does require a desire to participate in some research and communicate with the other committee members. Please consider this invitation, as we need a min of (3) and max of (5).
For several years, the ACC committee has operated without structured ACC guidelines. The new ACC committee will be a part of developing the ACC guidelines for our community to use as a working resource when submitting applications.   
The current ACC has agreed to review applications currently on the books until a new committee can be assembled. So for those residents considering an exterior improvement, please know we are “Under Construction” of sorts.
Thank you for your time and consideration in being a committee volunteer.  You are a valued and needed member of our community.
Mark Venditelli
HOA President
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