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New Mailboxes for Deer Park
Posted on Sep 21st, 2017

Again, we were successful in getting the USPS to reseal the Copano mailboxes, but those boxes are not particularly secure and show damage.
The police and the USPS told us that mailbox thefts have become more common and as of July, neither had any leads on who was committing the thefts. We know Sendera and Circle C have also suffered multiple mailbox thefts.
After careful study, the Board decided to replace all of the Deer Park mailboxes. The new mailboxes meet USPS standards and are more secure. Photos of the new boxes appear below.
The mailboxes have been ordered and should arrive in approximately three weeks.  Installation of the boxes will depend on whether it will be necessary to pour new concrete footings. We should know about the footings within about two weeks. The cost of the replacement mailboxes was $14,565. This price does not include installation or new concrete footings.
We intend to investigate whether the new boxes may each be installed on the opposite side of their respective sidewalks for more security. If the City and USPS will permit that installation, we will also investigate whether the City will permit Deer Park to construct covers and install lighting and cameras for increased security. Until we learn what requirements would have to be met it will not be possible to determine if the investment for such structures is reasonable.
When the installation date for each of the mailbox locations approaches, we will update you, as it may be necessary for you to pickup your mail at the Oak Hill Post Office for the time it takes for each mailbox installation. At worst, we expect that should not be more than a couple of days.
Mary Eichner
Deer Park Owners Association


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