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Deer Park HOA - Fence Project Update
Posted on Apr 14th, 2021
Hello Neighbor,
It has been quite the journey so far regarding the fence project.  Who could have predicted we'd have a record breaking cold / ice event like we did! At this point the fence project is 75% complete with major construction, with only the final phase along Davis lane left.  After all major construction is done, finishing touches such as the top rail, sealing, and logo placards will happen. As always, if you notice anything about the fence that doesn't look right, please let us know ASAP so we can correct the issue before the project is finalized.
Many homeowners have asked about getting a discounted rate for their other fence segments, and we are happy to share that our contractor is offering a very competitive rate of $32/ft for all other party fences and $150 for each gate.  There is also a surcharge of $125 per post that needs to be jackhammered by hand due to underground stone (all posts are set to 18" depth).  This rate is available for all Deer Park homeowners (not just fence project homeowners) thanks to the volume of business we are providing for them.  
We want to be very clear that we are not endorsing this fence company over any other one, and you can certainly use whichever contractor you would like. Also, homeowners are under no obligation to replace their fence unless the management company has provided notice that it is in disrepair.  The contact information for the contractor is below.  Please make sure to mention that you are a resident of "Deer Park" when contacting them to get the preferred rate.  
And as always, please make sure to submit an ACC application for any exterior changes to your property.  If using the vendor below, providing proof of liability insurance is not necessary since we already have it on file.  We have attached a copy of the application to this email for your convenience.
Butch Mogavero
If you have any questions regarding the project, please do not hesitate to email us at
- Deer Park HOA

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